10 Style Hacks & Fashion Mistakes to Avoid

February 22, 2021

I have had my fashion blog for four years and over these four years I would say I have learned quite a few fashion hacks. This past weekend I asked you all what content you want to see and I had a couple people request fashion hacks & fashion mistakes. To be honest, I wasn’t planning on putting a post together but after doing some research I noticed that the majority of posts related to fashion hacks were from 2016. Obviously, trends have changed since then so I thought it was time to put together an updated post. I’m sharing some of the best fashion hacks that I know that will hopefully help you to elevate your style!

I also put together a new YouTube video to showcase these fashion hacks and fashion mistakes to avoid. I’ve been having so much fun putting together videos and have been spending so much time filming and editing. I hope you are all loving the videos and don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss any future videos!

Use Supportive Earring Backs

I love a good pair of statement earrings but sometimes they are just too heavy or too big. Not only do heavy earrings pull on your ears but sometimes they can be uncomfortable as well. I love these earring backs because they prevent your earrings from pulling on your earlobes and they make your earrings look better when you are wearing them. I wear these with statement earrings as well as studs and I couldn’t live without them!

The Secret to a Front Tuck

I love a good front tuck but sometimes it is harder to keep a top tucked in. My tip for avoiding this is to use one of the small hair elastics and tie the top before front tucking it. I show you exactly how I do this in the YouTube video! I don’t always use this hack but when I find my top won’t stay tucked or when my top just doesn’t look cute when I front tuck it normally.

Avoid Pilling in your Sweaters

I love wearing cozy sweaters in the winter and I hate it when they start to pill. Once a sweater starts to pill they just look more worn out and I am not a fan of that look. However, this sweater stone is the best and make it so easy to get rid of all the pilling, your sweater or cardigan will look brand new again! It is so easy to use and gives me a piece of mind that using a fabric shaver wouldn’t give me. I am always so scared to use a fabric shaver because I would hate to put a hole in one of my sweaters. With this sweater stone I don’t have to worry about that!

Tucking a Sweater into your Bra

Like I said, I love a good front tuck but sometimes your sweater just doesn’t tuck into your bottoms nicely. Most of the time, it just looks bulky and not cute. However, a very simple hack is to tuck your top into your bra. When doing this you can play around with how much you are tucking in to determine if you want your sweater to be more cropped or if you just want a classic front tuck look. I show how I do this in the video as well!

Tying your T-Shirts

Adding a cute knot to your t-shirt is one of my favorite ways to spice up a simple t-shirt. However, when I am trying to tie the top I find that my tee gets stretched out and never really stays knotted. You can create a faux knot and secure it with another hair elastic. This will keep the knot in place all day and won’t stretch out your tee! I also show you exactly how I do this in the video because I know it is hard to understand when you are just reading what I do!

Get Rid of Wrinkles

I use a flat iron almost every morning while I am doing my hair for the day and while I have it on, I will run it through any of the clothing pieces that need to be ironed. This is a great hack for ironing out collars, sleeves, and hem lines. It is much quicker than setting up your steamer or getting an iron out. This is also a great travel tip, just travel with your flat iron instead of a travel steamer!

Avoiding the Stretched Out Neckline

So many hangers can stretch out your favorite tops and leaving the neckline looking not so cute anymore. My favorite hangers are the velvet hangers because they keep your clothing nice and your clothing will not fall off the hangers. These hangers are also slimmer than the average plastic hanger which means you can fit more clothing in your closet which is a plus as well.

Wear Clothing that Fits

One of my biggest pieces of advice is to where clothing that fits. Don’t try to squeeze into a pair of jeans that are two sizes too small just because you want to fit into that size. You are going to be more comfortable and be more confident when you are wearing clothing that fits you. I love a good oversized top but be weary because sometimes oversized pieces can swallow you as well. Find what you feel good in and what you feel confident in! And don’t forget, you are not defined by a size or number on your clothing.

Remove Hanging Loops

Those clear loops used for keeping clothing on hangers drive me crazy because they always seem to be hanging out when you are wearing the piece. And we can all agree, they just aren’t cute! I always just cut them out of my tops because then you never have to worry about them! Plus, using the velvet hangers, you won’t need the clear loops because the velvet helps hold the clothing onto the hanger and prevents your clothing from slipping off.

Wear Comfortable Shoes

Circling back to wearing clothing that fits, make sure you are also wearing shoes that fit. I have tried getting away with shoes that are a little big or a little small and they just never work out. I am either trying way to hard to keep the shoe on my foot or trying to maintain blood flow to my foot. You will feel better and be more confident when you are wearing shoes that fit and shoes that are comfortable. We have all been in the situation where our shoes are so uncomfortable that we can barely walk in them and honestly, that can ruin an outfit, which we don’t want! I would also recommend practice walking in shoes that may be hard to walk in before an event to get used to them and break them in to make your experience wearing them for real better!

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