It is no surprise to absolutely anyone when I say I love living in Charleston. This city has my heart and I am constantly in awe of the beauty of the city. I know that so many of you live in the city or have Charleston on your travel bucket list so today I am sitting down to finally share the 20 most Instagrammable places in Charleston. I am also sharing a new video on my YouTube Channel today where I am talking more about each of these places. Be sure to watch the video and subscribe to my channel so you never miss a video!

If you are planning a trip to Charleston be sure to also check out my Guide to Charleston. In this post I share all of my favorite restaurants, beaches, places to shop, and more!

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20 Most Instagrammable Places in Charleston

Pineapple Fountain

One of the most iconic landmarks in Charleston is the pineapple fountain. This is a must see whether you are in Charleston for 2 weeks or 2 hours. Almost everyone takes the classic Charleston photos in front of this fountain and it typically is pretty crowded. I also have seen many kids swimming in the fountain during the summer but with Covid, it has been fairly empty and super easy to get a cute photo without people in the background.

Rainbow Row

Rainbow Row is another iconic landmark of Charleston. I guarantee you if you Google Charleston, a majority of the images you see will include Rainbow Row. Each house is a different color and all are so pretty. This is a perfect strip to visit whether you are looking for family photos, engagement photos, or just wanting a cute picture with your girlfriends! The lightening can be a little hit or miss at this location but I am normally able to make it work.

The Battery

I take quite a few of my photos for the blog down at the Battery. Parking is free which is huge and the options are limitless. One side of the Batter is right on the water and the view is gorgeous. The other side is lined with beautiful houses including this pink house pictures below. This is one of my favorite houses to take pictures in front on in the city! From the Battery you are also walking distance from all the cute neighborhoods downtown.

126 Tradd Street

This pink door is one of my favorite places in the city and I wish this house was mine! This house is walking distance from the Battery and pretty easy to find! This house is truly a classic Charleston house and all of the neighboring houses are so cute as well! One of my favorite things about Charleston is all of the bright and fun colors in the city, this door fits in perfectly and is a must when planning a Charleston photoshoot!

Hotel Bennet

I have not been to Hotel Bennett to take photos for quite some time now because of the pandemic. However, it is a gorgeous hotel and at Christmas they put up the best decorations! It is right on Marion Square and is walking distance from almost anything downtown. There is also an adorable champagne bar inside and the entire room is pink, a perfect spot for a girls night out!

Hampton Park

Hampton Park is a gorgeous park in downtown Charleston. There is a gorgeous bridge, gazebo, and beautiful landscaping. This is a perfect place to go for a picnic and just enjoy some fresh air as well. This park is tucked away downtown and a perfect spot for some peace and quite. I would recommend coming during the spring or early summer because the flowers are always so gorgeous.

Sugar Bakery

A must stop in Charleston is Sugar Bakery. I love this little bakery so much and it is a perfect spot for Instagram photos. It is a tiny location but the cutest location. They have a painted mural on one side of the building which is perfect for all of your Instagram story posts. There is also a small patio on the other side where you can eat whatever you purchase in the bakeshop. This patio is so cute and perfect for photos as well!

Magnolia Plantation

An absolutely gorgeous place in Charleston is Magnolia Plantation. I haven’t been to Magnolia in quite some time so I do not have any recent photos. It is pretty pricey to get in but it is a perfect location for formal photos. I have seen a lot of engagement photos and wedding photos here and they are gorgeous. During the spring and summer the flowers and the grounds are absolutely gorgeous.

151 Queen Street

This next house is one that I recently found around the holidays and I know it will become one of my favorite spots. This pink door is similar to the one on Tradd street and is classic Charleston. This house is walking distance from King Street and a perfect spot to stop after shopping on King Street.

Sullivan’s Island

My favorite beach is hands down Sullivan’s Island. This is one of my happy places in Charleston and one of my absolute favorite places to watch the sunset. This is a quite beach because you cannot swim so most people choose to go somewhere else. I have seen multiple people take engagement photos here and so many of my favorite Charleston bloggers also share so many cute photos here as well. It is a perfect spot for a beach picnic to watch the sunset and have a quite evening.

Colonial Lake

Colonial Lake is another spot that I took a bunch of blog photos at my freshman year of college. It is near Hampton Park and has a beautiful view of the water. There are so many classic Charleston houses surrounding the water which are all perfect photoshoot spots as well. As you can see in the photos, the palmetto trees near the water are gorgeous and perfect for the backdrop of photos.

Gaillard Center

I have gone through all of my photos so many times and for some reason I cannot find photos of the Gaillard Center anywhere. However, the Gaillard Center is gorgeous and the exterior is perfect for getting some cute outfit photos. This building was in Outer Banks, they pretended that it was the Library at Chapel Hill. Hopefully when it is safe to do so, shows will resume here because it is so gorgeous and is a must see when you are here!

College of Charleston

I couldn’t put together a guide of the most Instagrammable places in Charleston without talking about College of Charleston. The campus is gorgeous and right in the heart of downtown Charleston. Their quad and cistern is so pretty. This is actually the exact spot where the College of Charleston graduations happen. There are tons of gorgeous trees the history behind this building is just so good. This exact spot is right across the street from the Stern Student Center.

Folly Beach

Folly Beach is not my favorite beach because it is normally much more crowded than Sullivan’s Island. I prefer a quite beach away from people though. I did still want to include Folly in this post though because Folly is known for it’s pier and it is a perfect photo location. Whether you are taking pictures underneath or on the pier itself the pictures will turn out so cute. I also am pretty sure this is the pier from Dear John as well!

Pitt Street Bridge

This next location was a family favorite of ours while I was growing up. This bridge burnt down years ago and now people use what is left to go fishing, crabbing, and to even just watch the sunset. It is safe to go to even though part of it did burn down. I know my family has taken Christmas card photos here in the past and I did take some blog photos here years ago. I couldn’t find any of them as I was writing this post but it is definitely a place I would recommend checking out! This would be a perfect location for family pictures as well.

Ravenel Bridge // Waterfront Park

The Ravenel Bridge is one of the most iconic landmarks of Charleston so I could not put together the most Instagrammable places without talking about it. I am actually terrified of bridges so I hate being on the actual bridge but you can walk, run, or bike over the bridge as well as drive obviously. However, there is also a park under the bridge with the best view. Waterfront Park has multiple playgrounds for kids and some picnic tables as well. This is a great family friendly (and pet friendly) park and a great photo spot! It is typically pretty windy so keep that in mind if you have a specific outfit in mind!

Basic Kitchen

Basic Kitchen is probably my favorite restaurant in Charleston and I know you are probably wondering why I am including a restaurant in a blog post all about photo locations. This restaurant is so cute inside and a perfect place to snap some cute Instagram stories as well as a casual feed post. There is an adorable rainbow painted mural in the restaurant and the entire place is decorated so cute. Their patio is also picture perfect. If you go you have to order the sweet potato fries or wedges with their vegan ranch. I promise you will love it!

Charleston City Hall

This next spot has been my go to recently and I love these marble steps. City Hall is also walking distance from the Battery, Tradd Street, and even King Street. One thing I love about Charleston is that it is a smaller city so you can walk most places. This is a perfect location for a classic look and the all white building makes any outfit you are going to wear pop. This building is also at an Intersection with a gorgeous church a few other buildings that I love taking photos in front of.

Shem Creek

Shem Creek is located in Mount Pleasant and it is another family favorite. The boardwalk is a great place to watch the sunset and there are always boats coming through as well as paddle boarding. This is a great spot so see dolphins as well. At the end of the boardwalk is an amazing view of the Ravenel bridge. There are several restaurants walking distance from the boardwalk and you cannot really go wrong with any of the ones I have been to. This is a perfect location to go for a date night when you are visiting and then to snap some sunset photos afterwards.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and it answered some of your questions about Charleston. Be sure to check out today’s YouTube video as well to learn more about each place I just shared. Charleston truly is one of my favorite places in the world and it is so gorgeous. One of my favorite things to do is just walk around the city and see what new things I can find because I am always finding something new!

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