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The end of the year is quickly approaching and if I’m being honest, I’m ready to put 2021 behind me. It was a year full of a lot of growth and some great memories but I’m very ready to see what 2022 has in store! While we’re gearing up for the new year, I decided to put together my 21 favorites from 2021. I’m sharing my most used and favorite products all in one place for you!

21 Favorites of 2021

Happy Planner: This year I made the switch over to a Happy Planner and I couldn’t be happier! As a lefty, I was always struggling to write in a spiral bound planner and the Happy Planner solved all my problems! This planner allows me to take the pages out and reinsert them into the planner. I’ve been using Happy Planner stickers for quite some time now and love the combo! I was able to customize my planner and stay on top of everything for my senior year of college. 

Air Pods: I received AirPods for Christmas last year and I have loved them! They were incredible for walking on campus. I now have a MacBook and having a pair of earbuds that automatically connect to my laptop and phone without any wires has been so nice. 

Olive and June Pedicure System: This year I fully hopped on the Olive and June bandwagon and I don’t think I will ever look back. I Purchased the Pedi System over the summer and if Im being honest, my only regret was not getting it sooner. The posie makes it SO easy to paint your toes and the cuticle remover, exfoliator, and heel balm have made my feet so much happier, especially during sandal season. You can use the code MOLLYM20 for 20% off any system! 

Nike Court Royal Sneakers: I purchased this pair of white sneakers on a whim over the summer and I can say they have been my most worn shoes of the year. I love how easy they are to dress up and down and have been pleasantly surprised with how easy they have been to keep clean. 

Budha Girl Bangles: I wear my Budha bracelets just about every day and I love them! They are waterproof, don’t make any sounds, and aren’t uncomfortable to wear. Such a simple accessory to instantly elevate an outfit.

Kate Spade Crossbody: I purchased this Kate Spade crossbody with a gift card I had from a collaboration. I treated myself for all of the goals I met over the summer and haven’t carried another bag since. It is a perfect size and matches everything in my closet. For it being a nice bag and from Kate Spade, it is a great price point. I think it would make a great gift as well! 

Crystal Necklace: I have worn this crystal necklace nonstop this year. It is such a dainty piece and the prettiest rose gold finish. This is a staple piece for your everyday jewelry collection.

Studded Sandals: My studded sandals were my most worn shoes this summer and I continued to wear them into the fall. I had two pairs, one from Target and the other from Steve Madden. Both have held up great and I already know they will be on repeat once again when the weather warms up.

Olive and June Press-On Nails: If I’m being honest, I was hesitant to include the Olive and June press-ons in my 2021 favorites because I just tried them in December so I wasn’t sure if they should make the cut. However, in the short amount of time I have been using the Olive and June press-ons I have been converted. I love having fun nail art on my nails and not having to worry about my nails chipping or breaking. I will have a full review of the Press-On system soon but for now just trust me, you need them! 

Highlighters: I am a big planner girl and especially during school, I was the girl with tons of colored pens. I picked this pack of highlighters up at the beginning of the year and it seems like a silly favorite but I truly have used them on a daily basis. They don’t bleed through the paper and the dual tip made it so easy to write and highlight with them. I’ve continued to use them postgrad in my planner!

Floor Length Mirror: I have had smaller over the door mirrors for outfit photos since my freshman year of college and I decided it was time for an upgrade this year. I purchased a bigger floor length mirror and have absolutely loved having it. This is a purchase that I justified getting because of the blog. However, although it has made blog mirror photos easier, I also love how much bigger my room feels! 

White Booties: This year certainly was the year for shoes! I have yet another pair that I have loved and have worn on repeat. Y’all have seen me wear these booties constantly this year. They are so comfortable and I swear they go with just about anything! Unfortunately, my exact pair is sold out but I linked a very similar pair for you!

Black Jeans: I’ve never loved a pair of jeans like I love this pair of Free People jeans. This pair of jeans is so comfortable, washes so well, and has a perfect fit. I also love that they have a raw hem. These definitely run true to size and I am so tempted to order them in other colors!

Ring Light: When I was living in my college apartment I got absolutely no natural light so I invested in this ring light and it has become one of my best purchases of the year. The tripod feature is fantastic for taking photos by myself and Ive been impressed with the quality of the ring light especially since it was under $40. 

Air Fryer: Not to be dramatic but my air fryer has truly changed my life. I don’t know how I managed to cook before having one. It was a lifesaver in my college apartment for making quick and healthy meals. Now that I am back home, I am looking forward to continuing to try new recipes in it! If you don’t have one yet, I promise you won’t regret it. My favorite quick and easy snacks to make in it are edamame and sweet potato fries. 

Pearl Denim Jacket: I love a good denim jacket and this pearl embellished denim jacket has been my favorite this year. I have loved it so much, I ordered it in black as well! You can order on Amazon so you get fast shipping and it is under $40 which is such a steal. You would never know it was from Amazon by the quality!

 Headbands: I loved headband last year but this year the love has continued. My collection has continued to grow and I am sure it won’t top in 2022. I love them, especially when I need to hide the fact that I need to wash my hair.

 White Pants: While I was student teaching, I needed to update my business casual pieces in my closet. I found these pants at Versona and wore them at least once a week. They were so comfortable and I loved how they washed. They are available in white and black and I am sure I will be investing in another pair if I am in a business casual environment again. 

 Olive and June Heel Balm: My feet are always SO dry and nothing I have done ever seems to help. However, this year I treated myself to the Slumber Party Set from Olive and June and I couldn’t love the Heel Balm more. My feet are so hydrated and I love the socks that come in the set. If you are looking for a product to pamper yourself this winter this is the set to get! I got my mom the heel balm for Christmas because I love it so much and I cannot wait to hear her thoughts on it!

Tennis Skorts: Over my spring semester and the summer I lived in tennis shorts and although I am enjoying wearing my boots and sweaters, I am so excited to bring them back out. They are a perfect way to look put together while staying comfortable and not putting in much effort. My favorite tennis shorts are from Lilly Pulitzer and although they are pricey, they are worth every penny! They hold up amazing and fit perfectly. 

Faux Leather Leggings: Last but not least are Faux Leather Leggings. I have been wearing my faux leather leggings nonstop this fall and winter and I cannot believe I waited so long to get a pair! This year I have accumulated not only one but two pairs and I am absolutely obsessed with them! They are so comfortable but still makes you look put together.


21 Favorites of 2021

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