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5 Ways to Refresh Your Room | Spring Cleaning

February 12, 2021

We have all spent much more time at home this past year and I think we’ll be spending even more time at home in the next year. Personally, I haven’t felt comfortable to go out all that much. I spend whatever time I am not in school and student teaching in my room. With the start of the new semester, I desperately needed to refresh my space. As I updated my space I thought it I would share some of my favorite tips and tricks on how you can easily refresh your room. Now is the perfect time to get a jump start on your spring cleaning and give your space a refresh.

I cannot believe that we are already two weeks into February. Now that the excitement of the New Year has died down, it is the perfect time to declutter and refresh your space. Especially since so many of us are experiencing so much cold weather, rain, and even some snow! Organizing and redecorating is the perfect way to have a cozy day indoors!

If you want to see a tour of my room be sure to check out my recent YouTube video. I put together an updated Apartment Tour to show you my space!

1. Add Throw Pillows + Blankets

If you’re living in a college dorm or apartment like me, your bedroom is probably your only space that is “yours” and it is probably pretty small. Because I spent the majority of my day in my room, it is important to me that my space is cozy and makes me happy. I sit in my bed to write blog posts and work on homework that doesn’t require too much brainpower. As I’m working I want to be comfortable and adding throw pillows and blankets is a perfect way to do just that. And it’s going to make your room more aesthetically pleasing and make you happier when you get home after a long day.

2. Reorganize + Redecorate a Frequently Used Space

I have spent more time at my desk this year than I have in quite some time. With the added Zoom calls and completing homework in my room instead of the student center, I’m sitting at my desk a lot. Last semester, my desk was set up to function as a desk, vanity, and for extra storage. However, I never do my makeup here so I swapped out my makeup mirror and added folders that I access frequently. This makes my space much more practical and easy to use. I also simplified what I had out on top of my desk to give myself more space to work. I spent a total of $10 and was able to create a space that was much more organized and easier to sit down and work at. Some people may use their desk more frequently while others may spend more time in the kitchen, laundry room, etc. By reorganizing and decluttering each of these spaces you’ll feel like you have created an entirely new space. It will also help you be more motivated to get work done!

3. Declutter Your Closet

I declutter my closet pretty frequently because I do receive quite a bit of clothing for the blog which means I am constantly rotating clothing in and out. This time of year is the perfect time to declutter your closet and pull out the fall and winter clothing you never reached for this past season. I also like to pull out the spring and summer pieces you aren’t loving anymore. I always feel better when I clean out my closet. By selling your old pieces, you’re can use the extra money you made to add some new pieces to your closet.

4. Add Light

I always find myself in a better mood and overall more productive when I am in a space that is bright. Natural light is always my favorite but in my current apartment I don’t get any. However, adding lamps and string lights around a room is an easy fix to make sure your space is well lit. I also like having multiple sources of light because during the day, I can have everything on to brighten up my room but at night while I am getting ready for bed it is nice to turn off some lights and start to unwind for the day.

If you do get natural light in your room use it! Natural light will always be better than artificial light in my opinion. I get the best natural light in my room at home and just by opening my blinds my room instantly feels so much cleaner and welcoming!

5. Refresh your Photos / Wall Decor

Something I like to do at least once a year is update the photos I have on my wall. I created a wall of photos in my room at home and I loved how it looked so I did the same on a blank wall in my apartment. I just tape the photos onto my wall which makes them so easy to switch out. By updating photos and adding new pops of color to your wall it can make your space feel new again! I have a gallery wall on the opposite wall with framed prints from Typesetter. Ali is so talented and by far one of my favorite small businesses to support. Personally, I love these prints so much that I never switch them out but if you are looking for an easy way to refresh your gallery wall, you can simple switch out the prints in the frames! I also love having my felt hats on display. It adds decor to your room and is a great way to store them!

Most importantly, you want your space whether you are in a college dorm or a house to make you happy. Create a space you want to be in and a space that makes you feel comfortable. This might mean moving furniture around, repainting a piece of furniture, or finally replacing the burnt out light bulbs. Use these cold winter days to refresh your room and create a space you love!

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