I feel like March lasted for three months and April lasted for a solid week. This month flew by! I finally got into a good virtual school routine and I finally started to feel productive after being all over the place in March. I moved out of my dorm at the end of March so although I was home for three weeks of March I finally felt settled at home during April because I had moved back into my house and wasn’t living out a suitcase. I spent some time printing out new photos on my wall and “moving back in” to my house made such a big difference in my productivity!

My 20th birthday was on the 5th and my family decorated the house and made the best dinner. My mom decorated everything with navy gingham, which is obviously very fitting for anyone who knows me! We had such a fun day and my family and friends made me feel so so loved and special!

The following weekend was Easter so my family and I got dressed up again for a fun day! Our extended family all did a zoom call together and it was so fun to talk to everyone! We had a relaxing day and just enjoyed eachother’s company!

Another thing my family has done this month is planning a fun Saturday night dinner. We have been picking themes, getting dressed up, and making dinner together as a family each Saturday. It is honestly just nice to put “real clothes” on and not wear pajamas all day. I haven’t been doing any homework on Saturdays so they have become my days to just relax, work on some blog content, and spend time with my family.

Now that it is the end of April that means it is also the end of April. My last day of classes is April 29th and then I have one final the first week of May and I am done with my fourth semester of college. I cannot believe how fast this semester flew by. Definitely one of the weirdest semesters but the time I did have at school at the beginning was so good and I made so many memories! I am so ready for classes to be over, I do not want to write any more papers or sit on zoom all day long. Even though I am excited for classes to be over I am going to need to find some stuff to keep me busy all day while we are still at home!

I have gotten back on my blogging schedule this month which has felt so good! I am hoping to get back to daily blog posts (at least Monday-Friday) soon now that school is finishing up. I have also been publishing a TON of content over on my LikeToKnow.it and my Pinterest accounts! If you don’t follow me on either platform make sure you do because you are missing out on a bunch of exclusive content! Since I am not sure if I am going to be able to work all summer like I had planned, I am trying to make some extra money on my LikeToKnow.it so if you use my links when you shop I appreciate it so so much!! I am also cleaning and organzing all my stuff at home, just like everyone else right now, and I have been sharing everything that I am selling over on my closet Instagram account @shop_gracefullygingham and my Poshmark! Feel free to check them out if you are looking for some cute and affordable clothing items!

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  1. Love this so much Molly !!!

    1. gracefullygingham

      omg I am sooo glad!!!

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