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Wow, what a year. 2021 truly was filled with just about everything under the sun, the good, the bad, and the ugly. This has been a year full of growth for me and so many milestones were accomplished. As I reflect upon 2021 I am so grateful for the experience I have had and I’m very much looking forward to everything 2022 has in store. From college graduation, my first concert, and getting vaccinated it has been such an eventful year and I am recapping my Best of 2021 today on the blog! As everyone shares their yearly recaps this week, don’t forget, social media is a highlight reel. There is a WHOLE lot that I have chosen to leave out of my recap. This year was far from perfect but I still have so many memories I want to remember which is what this post is for.


The year started celebrating New Years with my grandparents. After heading back home to Charleston, my family ended up in quarantine, luckily only one of us tested positive and we were all safe. This put a little bit of a damper on the start of the semester but having a college snow day when I got back was so excited! I also started my student teaching experience. I was in a fourth grade classroom part time and learned so much!


A highlight of February was coming home to surprise my mom for her birthday. We soaked up all the Charleston sunshine, walked the bridge, listened to Lauren Hall live, and had the best quality time with one another!


I received my first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine in March. I am very proud to say I am fully vaccinated and cannot stress the importance of vaccinations enough. Do your part to keep your community and love ones safe! My mom came up for our girls weekend trip! She comes every semester and we always have the best time!


April started by celebrating Easter at home with my family and celebrating my 21st birthday. A lot of my time was spent at home in Charleston and it felt SO good to be surrounded by family. I also finished my last college course of my undergraduate career. I still cannot wrap my mind around the fact that I am done with college!


Took my final exams, packed up my college apartment, and moved back to Charleston for the summer. I began working at Dress Up and loved every minute of being apart of the sweetest team! My younger sister graduated high school!


Spent lots of time soaking up some sun, working on blog content, and working at Dress Up. One of my blog friends, Mckenzie came to visit for a week. We had such a fun week shooting content, going to a baseball game, and having some girl time!


My family celebrated 4th of July at home and we had so much fun. It was such a relaxing day which is exactly what I needed. My sister and I also had a staycation in Charleston while my parents were out of town. We had the best weekend and I’m already looking forward to the next trip together!


The summer ended and if I am being honest, I dreaded moving back to school. I was not looking forward to being back in my apartment or student teaching. However, I went back and immediately hit the ground running with all my student teaching meetings, orientation, and my edTPA submission. For those of you not in education, edTPA is a big portfolio that I had to submit to the state of North Carolina in order to get my teaching license.


Not much happened this month. I went home for Labor Day weekend, filmed all my edTPA lessons, and began my full time takeover for student teaching. I had to takeover completely for ten full weeks and it was such a good learning experience.


I went to my first concert, the Jonas Brothers, and it was truly incredible! My mom came into town for it and we had such a great girls trip. I did spend quite a few weekends in Charleston because if I am being honest, I just needed to be in a positive environment. I submitted edTPA and I am so grateful I passed.


I finished up my final week of my full takeover for student teaching and it felt so good. I still cannot believe I completed student teaching, feels like a dream. Spent Thanksgiving at home with the family and and was back at work at Dress Up!


I graduated from college and it was the best accomplishment! I’m so excited to be done and to see where life takes me next! I have loved being back home in Charleston and back at Dress Up! My family and I always spend Christmas in Connecticut with my grandparents and this year was no different. Everyone in my immediate family, including my grandparents, are fully vaccinated so we felt safe to do so. We had the absolute best two weeks and I am so grateful for all of the quality time I got with my family.

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