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College Outfits of the Week | Volume 21

January 31, 2021

Happy Sunday! I am out of quarantine and back on campus so we are back with another college outfits of the week. I wanted to start this post by saying thank you to everyone who reached out last week while I was quarantined. Being in quarantine was was quite the experience. But all three of my COVID tests came back negative so I was cleared to come back to campus. The transition back to school has been rocky but I’m slowly getting the swing of balancing everything again. I am determined to make the most out of this semester.


Although I had my test results back and could technically leave the house I spent the day at home. I am such a homebody so I cannot say I hate the extra time at home right now. I did go grocery shopping with my mom and sister and it felt good to get out of the house. Other than going to Wal-Mart, I sat on the couch and watched TV with my mom and sister.

Be Kind Tee (Similar) | Leggings | Sneakers


I spent Monday morning packing up all my stuff at home and working on some homework. My mom and I also headed to Target for a little retail therapy before I left. Unfortunately, I had to head back to school in the afternoon. It truly felt like I had been gone for months. I had a class Monday night on Zoom so after returning to campus I quickly unpacked and then logged into my class. Class was from 8 to 9 so I was exhausted by the time it was finished. I was asleep by 9:15 which is exactly what my body needed after driving all day.

Sweatshirt | Leggings | Sneakers


I headed back to in-person classes on Tuesday and it felt so nice to wear something besides leggings or sweatpants. My morning was busy with classes, picking up all my textbooks, and beginning all the makeup work I missed. I had all my textbooks shipped to school and they still hadn’t arrived when I was exposed. So, my professors gave me extensions on all my discussion boards and assignments where the text was necessary. Unfortunately for me this meant I had to complete two weeks worth of school work this week. I’m not going to lie, I was completely overwhelmed but we managed to do it. My entire evening was spent crossing off items on my to do list. It felt so good to actually see it get shorter instead of longer.

Sweater (Similar) | Headband (Similar) | Jeans | Sneakers


I don’t have classes on Monday, Wednesday, or Friday this semester and it is so nice. I had a slow and relaxing morning and I did vlog my day today. It will be up on my YouTube channel this week! I’m an elementary education major and I am beginning my student teaching experience this semester. I had a meeting with my clinical educator which is why I am dressed up and I thought the meeting went really well! I am looking forward to the remainder of the semester and learning all I can! The weather was beautiful for the first time in days today so I took advantage and went for a walk around campus before spending the rest of my afternoon completing homework assignments.

Cami | Cardigan | Pants | Belt | Headband | Mules (Similar)


I headed back to class today and I finally started to get into a routine for the semester. I am such a routine oriented person and this past month of not having one has been tough! Luckily, I had a big chunk of my morning free because one of my professors ended class early and I got so much work done for school and the blog. After I finished classes for the day I came back to my apartment and continued editing videos and completing some assignments. I ended up closing my planner in the evening and spent some time chatting with my mom and some friends to give myself a break from work. I typically don’t watch a lot of tv but All American is back and I had a new episode to watch so I got in bed early and caught up before falling asleep.

Ribbed Tee | Jeans | White Sneakers (Similar)| Hoops


Despite my efforts to sleep in I was up at 7:30 but had the best slow morning in my apartment. I took some time to get ready and quickly picked up around my apartment. I’ve been in a funk recently and desperately needed to do something today to pick myself up so I headed to Target. I needed to pick up a few things and honestly just going for a drive off campus was exactly what I needed. I also headed to the grocery store to stock up on some items. Once I got back to the apartment I hit the ground running and checked so many items off my to do list. I am finally almost all caught up on my make-up assignments and ready to start working ahead for the new week!

Flannel | Faux Leather Leggings | Gold Sneakers | Diamond Studs (Similar)


Saturday mornings are one of my favorite parts of the week. M I deep cleaned and organized my room in the apartment. I was in desperate need of a little “refresh” of my space so I picked a couple of items up from Marshalls. I love how it turned out and I will be sharing an updated room tour soon! This was my first weekend back at school for the semester and it felt so good to just get organized and relax after a very busy week!

Cropped Hoodie (Similar) | Jeans | Sneakers

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