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College Outfits of the Week | Volume 22

February 7, 2021

I think I can officially say I am getting back into a routine at school and it feels so good. This week has been a very cold one so I have been spending even more time in my room than I ever thought was possible after all the time we spent at home last year. I started observations for my student teaching experience, got into a photoshoot routine, and completing lots of school work. Just like every college outfits of the week post I put together, I am sharing all of my outfits from the week and as many links to the items or similar items as I can find!


Sundays are one of my favorite days of the week and this past Sunday was a perfect relaxing day to get ready for the upcoming week. The weather has dropped and I feel like we are officially in winter so I have been living in sweats. This pair is my absolute favorite and so extremely soft. I spent a good portion the day working on editing a video for my YouTube channel and getting my life together for the week. I also always spend my Sunday afternoons updating my planner for the upcoming week.

White Tee | Sweatpants


I was up bright and early Monday morning for my first day of observations for student teaching this semester. I loved being back in the classroom and I am very excited for what the rest of the semester will hold. After leaving the school, I headed back to campus and got busy with all my school work. I have gotten into somewhat of a routine balancing school and the blog and although I loved being on winter break it does feel good to have some type of a schedule again.

Top (Similar) | Black Pants | Booties | Earrings (Similar)


I only have class on Tuesday and Thursday this semester and as nice as it is, it also means I have classes all day to fit them all in. Tuesday I had class from 8 to 6 and it was a long day with a very early wake up call. The temperature being in the twenties when I went to class didn’t help when my alarm went off either. However, I bundled up in my favorite sherpa and headed to campus for the day.

Sherpa | White Jeans | Booties


Wednesday was my only day to sleep in this week and it felt so good to not have to set an alarm. I headed out to shoot some outfits for the blog. Since I don’t have a photographer here at school it was just me and my tripod. After the photoshoot I ran some errands and picked up an online order from Target. I spent the rest of the afternoon playing around with a new editing software and I am very excited about it! I had a Zoom meeting for a club that I am in and then I wrapped up work and watched some Gilmore Girls before bed.

Popover (Similar) | Jeans | Booties


This outfit is probably the definition of a college outfits of the week post. Just when I thought it couldn’t get colder, it did. I clicked snooze one too many times so I threw on leggings and bundled up to head to class. After class I got busy working on a blog post, editing photos, and watching more Gilmore Girls. It’s always my go to show when I need background noise and I feel like it is even better when you are having a cozy day at home.

Hoodie (Similar) | Monogram Jacket | Leggings | Sneakers


I had another bright and early morning to complete some more observations. I had such a fun morning at the school! I’ve received so many requests for me to share more teacher outfits and I am planning on putting all my favorites together in a post soon! However, I have this skirt in multiple colors and it is such a good one, perfect for a business casual environment. I headed back to my apartment and cleaned my room because it desperately needed it. One of my favorite things to do at school is to just go for a drive by myself. It is just so nice to get some fresh air and listen to music to clear my head. I came back, made some dinner, and worked on this blog post. I also started Firefly Lane on Netflix, and I have to say, I don’t know if I like it yet.

Bodysuit | Skirt | Cardigan | Booties |Necklace


I got busy Saturday morning cleaning the apartment because all my roommates went home for the weekend. It felt so good to clean out the apartment and do some decluttering. I spent the majority of the day in this cozy set that is one of the best Target purchases I have made. My Saturday was very low key, just got ahead on some homework and got my content for the upcoming week planned out.

Sweatshirt | Sweatpants

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