My enneagram number is a three and I would say it is almost perfect at describing me. I am constantly working so I feel accomplished at the end of the day looking at my completed to do list. This week has been a whirlwind and I had to accept the fact that I am not going to be motivated and productive everyday. I have been so busy this semester that I have been so burnt out this week. I don’t think the cold weather is helping me but I am doing my best to just do my best. For this college outfits of the week post, I am sharing more teacher outfit ideas and then some random looks I threw together in order to stay warm while heading to class and working on homework!


My Sunday started by getting up and putting on a festive outfit for Valentine’s Day. I didn’t have any plans for the day other than homework but I wanted to get a little dressed up. This white top is one of my favorites and was a perfect outfit for a productive work from home day. I treated myself to some Dunkin’ for breakfast and then I got busy sitting at my desk for the remainder of the day.

White Top (Similar) | High Waisted Jeans | Booties | Earrings | Necklace


My Monday morning started off bright and early at my school for some more student teaching observations. After finishing up the morning of observations I headed back to campus for a work day. I am taking two online courses this semester so I got all my online work done for the week and attended a Zoom class. This week has been a schoolwork heavy week which hasn’t left a lot of time for the blog but I did get a video filmed as well.

Leopard Sweater | Pants | Belt (Similar) | Booties | Headband


Tuesday is my LONG day of classes so I opted for a cozy sweater and jeans combo. This is my go to outfit for class and this sweater is the best style. My day was spent with a lot of editing and prep for my blog content this week. I also spent time working on more schoolwork. Taking 17 credit hours, student teaching, and blogging full time is hard and I am doing my best to find a balance!

Sweater | Jeans | Booties | Hoops


My Wednesday was very relaxing which was exactly what I needed. It has been so cold here in North Carolina but I am by no means complaining because I know so many people had it SO much worse this past week. I slept in this morning and waking up without an alarm felt so good. My morning was slow and I got quite a bit of work done from bed. I ended up getting dressed to help myself feel better and stay productive. I also spent some time catching up on the new episode of All American, this season is so good and I have been loving watching it each week!

Sweater (similar) | Jeans | Booties | Belt (Similar) | Earrings (Similar) | Watch


We were supposed to get an ice storm on Thursday but nothing really happened here on campus. However, two of the three classes I had were moved to Zoom because of it. I want to keep my content real and honest. This week has been stressful and I have felt very overwhelmed. I took advantage of being able to work from home today and spent my entire afternoon getting my life organized.

Sherpa Hoodie | Jeans| Socks | Duck Boots


I headed back to my school today for a full day of observations and teaching. Like I said, I love being in the classroom and spending the entire day in the classroom was a perfect way to end a stressful week. After getting back to campus I headed to the student center and grabbed a study room to get work done for a couple of hours. I have a long to do list for this weekend so I didn’t want to waste any time. I cleaned my apartment and got my laundry done. It felt so so good to cross so many items off my to do list this early in my weekend!

Sweater (Similar) | Pants | Belt | Booties | Headband (Similar)


I had a LONG to do list of items to complete on Saturday and although I checked a good amount off, I still am feeling so overwhelmed by everything I didn’t do. I spent the day pre-filming some videos, working on homework, and studying for a big upcoming test that I have. All my roommates went home for the weekend so I had the whole place to myself which is always so nice. I have been doing a lot of research on ways I can improve the blog so I also spent a good portion of my day reading articles and watching videos to better my content for all of you!

Sweater (Similar) | Jeans | Booties | Hoops

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