This week has been a crazy busy week which seems to be the theme of this entire semester. I’ve been working nonstop. Finals week is always the busiest for so many students but for me, March is always the busiest. All my time is spent on projects, planning lessons to teach, and studying. And of course, drama always seems to explode when you just can’t put anything else on your plate.

I don’t share too much into the negative parts of my week in order to keep my social media a positive and uplifting space. I also don’t want to put my entire personal life on the internet but I am here to tell you, I am just a normal twenty year old and I have drama in my life just as all you do. At the last minute I decided to go home for the weekend to give myself a break and enjoy a long weekend to relax and get caught up on work. I have gone home quite a lot this semester but I think this weekend in Charleston was exactly what I needed.


My week started on an off start which is rarely a good sign for me. I am such a routine person and my routine just didn’t go as planned today. I didn’t get done nearly all that I wanted to which put me behind for the rest of the week. As much as I wanted to get frustrated and mad at myself it is so important to remember some days just don’t go as planned and we need to accept that fact! The weather for the most part was gorgeous this week so I took advantage of it and broke out some shorts. I took a drive in the late afternoon just to clear my head and listen to some music which was so nice and much needed. One of my best forms of self care is being by myself which is exactly what I needed for the day.

Zip-Up | Shorts | Sneakers | Earrings


I was up bright and early on Monday to teach in my clinical placement. I only stayed for a half day because I had a to-do list a mile long to tackle in the afternoon. After getting home from teaching, I worked all afternoon on discussion boards, more lesson plans, and studying. Oceanography is kicking my butt this semester and honestly at this point I am just praying I pass. If anyone understanding anything about the ocean or weather send me any pointers you have because I am struggling!

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All of you who regularly read my blog posts know that Tuesday is my long day of classes on campus. I sat in the education building for hours getting work done when I wasn’t in class and I am just so ready for summer! The weather was a little chilly. I am keeping my fingers crossed that it is our last chilly day so I broke out a sweater one last time… hopefully.

Sweater (Similar) | Jeans | Booties | Earrings


I had big plans on Wednesday to wrap up all my homework and blog work for the week before heading home and none of that happened. Literally none of it. I started my day off by teaching my last literacy lesson for my learning segment this semester. Once I got back to campus I was in a funk and could not focus on a single task on my to do list. Our dishwasher decided to break so one of my roommates and I were stuck trying to fix that and as the day progressed I continued to just get off track. As much as I got behind from not completing anything, I think my body and my brain just needed a break.

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I headed to my first class of the day on Thursday morning and then hit the road to head home. The drive was so easy, as normal, which I am so grateful for. I left campus while it was cold and rainy and arrived home with it being sunny and warm. The weather was the instant mood boost that I needed. I spent time catching up with my mom and just soaking up some sun. From the moment I drove into the driveway at my parent’s house I instantly felt less stressed, the trip home was very very needed and I didn’t know it until I was here.

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Waking up in my own bed felt SO good this morning. My mom and I headed downtown to see the new Tiny Tassel Flagship store. And OMG this store is so so cute! If you are in Charleston, you have to visit. Everything is so colorful and just made me so so happy! After stopping into some of my favorite stores on King Street, I came home and got busy on some homework I neglected to do on Wednesday. My parents and I watched some TV in the evening and just had a relaxing night in.

Bodysuit | Denim Shorts | Sandals | Cardigan | Hoops


All I wanted to do on Saturday was relax and that is exactly what I did. I dropped some clothes off at a local consignment store to try and make some cash and clean out my closet. I laid out in my backyard with some music on to soak up some sun for the majority of the afternoon. Summer is my favorite time of year for this exact reason. I love being outside and having lots of sunshine is exactly what I needed! My family and I headed to Sullivan’s Island for a little walk on the beach to end the night. Just being by the water and hearing the ocean always boosts my mood and was the perfect way to end the week.

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