Its officially October and I think I have had fall fever for the past month!! I am so ready for it so FINALLY get cooler where I live but I have a feeling it will stay warm for the next couple of weeks unfortunately. I have put together a couple of the items on my wishlist this fall and thought it would be fun to share it with you!

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  1.  This KJP bracelet is pretty much my new favorite thing ever and I don’t even own one… I think that this bracelet will go with pretty much any outfit! The pearl detail is so cute! I love it!
  2. I love wearing vests during the fall! This Navy and Maroon one from J.Crew Factory are so so cute! I love the colors and the styles! I like how these aren’t too heavy since I do not live in a cold climate during the fall and the winter.
  3.  This KJP necklace has been on my wishlist for a while now. I love the pearl and the gold is just so pretty! I think this necklace could very easily go with just about any outfit!
  4.  These circle skirts from J.Crew Factory are some of my favorites! I have the black one and I wear it ALL the time! I want to get more in different colors! I think the maroon and grey colors are so perfect for fall!
  5.  These camp socks from J.Crew and L.L. Bean are honestly perfect! I received an adorable pair of monogram duck boots last year for Christmas and I have been looking for the perfect pair of socks to wear with them! I am going to be getting a couple of these pairs once I get some more babysitting jobs!
  6. These Maroon skinny jeans from Old Navy are adorable! I have been wanting a pair of colored jeans for a while now and these are not only what I am looking for but a great price! I recommend getting them before they go out of stock!
  7.  I purchased these monogram flats from Marley Lilly this August for school and I am so glad I did! You will definitely be seeing them in a lot of outfit posts coming up! They are super comfortable as well!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post! As always if you have ANY requests please let me know! I have lots of fun fall posts planned so make sure you are following the blog! You don’t want to miss a post!

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