Welcome back to another “Life Lately” blog post! For those of you who are new to my blog, a “Life Lately” post is just kinda like a life update where I get a little more personal and share what is going on in my life!


The past couple of weeks have been so busy and I am so excited to share everything will y’all! First off, I moved into my dorm on August 17th and move in day was the busiest day! I live 4 hours away from my campus so my family woke up bright and early Friday and we arrive on campus around 10. We spent a couple of hours in my room setting everything up and then I had to go to a couple meetings/sessions for orientation. If you want to see my dorm, check out my dorm tour! I am so happy with how my little home away from home turned out!!

My first couple of days on campus were filled with tons of orientation! We had tons of events and meetings to go to which kept me very busy. When classes finally started I was super excited to finally get my own routine and have some time to myself. I am really enjoying my classes and professors so far this semester! Some classes I like better than others but for the most part I am happy with my schedule.

I have become really close with a couple of girls here on campus and I don’t know what I would do without them! We have done so many fun things together and I can’t wait to take on the rest of freshman year with them! And they are the best with helping me take photos for the blog which I am sooooo grateful for!!!

A bunch of people have asked if I have been home yet and I haven’t. I live about 4 hours from campus so its a little too far to drive to just go home for a weekend. I do miss home but I haven’t really been homesick which I am honestly kinda surprised about. I have just been so busy and I think that helps! However, I will see my parents this weekend for the first time since move in weekend and I am so excited!

Overall, I am adjusting to my new location and for the most part I am all settled! I can’t believe I have already been in school for almost a little more than a month! That is seriously so crazy to me!

Thank you so much for reading this blog post! I hope you liked it! As always if you have any blog post requests please let me know!

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