I’ve forced myself to become a morning person over the past year and although I miss sleeping in, I’m so much more productive in the morning. I’m a college student trying to balance seventeen credit hours, student teaching, and blogging. I have to take advantage of every minute of every day to get everything done. For today’s post I’m walking you through my 6am college productive morning routine to set myself up for a productive day. I am also sharing some of my favorite products for a quick get ready with me. I am also sharing a new YouTube video to walk you through my morning routine in video form. After reading today’s post be sure to watch the video and subscribe to my channel! I have been working on my YouTube channel a lot this year and I would love it if you checked it out!

No two days in college ever look the same so this is the routine I follow the majority of the week. However, you never know when a class will get canceled or moved to Zoom or a big deadline is approaching. So some days I am sleeping in or setting my alarm even earlier.

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Wake Up + Screen Time

My alarm goes off most days at 6:15 and I always check my phone first thing in the morning. I know how bad it is to do this but I am always checking my emails to see if class is in person or on Zoom and responding to DMs on Instagram. By giving myself this time, I am able to slowly wake up and ease my way into my day. It has been freezing in my apartment lately so getting out of bed is not the easiest task.

Skin Care Routine

Facial Cleansing Brush | Bliss Cleanser | Bliss Toner

Once I am out of bed I head into the bathroom to wash my face. I have been using this facial cleansing brush from Liberex. This product was gifted to me for this blog post but I have to say, I absolutely love it! I hate washing my face but this brush makes it so much easier and my skin is so much clearer. I love that it has a built in timer and will let you know when to clean each area of your face. The brush also comes with three removable brushes. I am currently using the silicone brush and I love it! It is a small brush so it doesn’t take up any space on your counter and comes with a charging stand for it to sit on!

I use this facial cleansing brush with my Bliss Cleanser. I have been using this cleanser since September and I don’t plan on using anything else anytime soon. This cleanser is so good and helps to keep my skin clear. After I wash my face, I use the Bliss Toner and again, this product is just so good! I keep my skin care very simple and honestly don’t know a ton about skin care but from the products I have tried, these are the best.

Shop Blackhead Remover Vaccum

Liberex also sent over their Blackhead Remover Vaccum. I don’t use this in the morning but I did use it the other night when I was having a self care night. Although I really wanted to like this product, it wasn’t my favorite. It was very confusing to use and I did not see any results from using it. However, I do want to keep trying it and hopefully I will figure it out!

Breakfast + Plan my Day


Once my face is washed, I head back into my room and make some breakfast. Some days I will honestly just skip breakfast or grab a granola bar on my way out the door. However, when I have more time I will typically pop a bagel in the toaster and eat it while I plan out my day. I always have my planner out and I am adding to it multiple times a day. By giving myself some time each morning to sit down and see exactly what I have to do and plan out my day. Like I said, every day in college is different and by checking my planner first thing, I am typically able to get a good idea of what type of day I will have. I use the medium size Happy Planner in the vertical layout. I love this planner and would 100% recommend it if you are a lefty because you can take the pages out and then put them back in.

Get Ready with Me

Makeup Favorites

Once I am organized for the day I will quickly get ready. I don’t spend more than five minutes on my makeup. I am planning on sharing an updated five minute makeup get ready with me on my YouTube or TikTok soon but I did link some of my favorite products for you!

Outfit of the Day

In high school I always picked out my outfit the night before and that habit did not come to college with me. The last thing I do every morning is pick out my outfit and I have been keeping it pretty simple lately because I have been more concerned with being warm and comfortable rather than look cute. However, I cannot stress enough how important getting dressed every morning is. I honestly think this is the key to setting yourself up for a productive day. When I get dressed, even if it is just a new pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt I am so much more productive during the day.

Make Bed + Get Working

My Bedding

The last thing I do before heading out the door is make my bed and brush my teeth. Making your bed is key, especially during the winter. If I have extra time in the morning I will get back in my bed. However, when I make it, I never do and it makes the biggest difference. Plus when you make your bed, your room will be look cleaner which will help you be motivated to get some work done from home! When I have extra time in the morning I will updating Instagram stories and updating my Pinterest.

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