I cannot believe I am already sitting down to write this post. October feels like it has been 3 months long but also 3 days long all at the same time. This month has been packed with so many fun things, some stressful days, and the bulk of my student teaching experience. This month I haven’t been as active on the blog and my Instagram as I would have liked due to some technical difficulties. However, I am recapping everything from this month in this October Monthly Recap to catch you up on what I have been up to and what I am currently loving!

What I’ve Been Up To:

Student Teaching Life

Student teaching has taken over my life this semester. I knew I would be working a full time job so I was prepared but it has taken me some time to adjust to a “work schedule” rather than a typical college schedule. I have enjoyed my student teaching experience but I am ready to graduate and start the next chapter in my life. So many people have asked what my post-graduation plans are and as of now all I know is that I want to move back to Charleston. I need to start solidifying plans and making decisions but as of now that is all I know!

As a student teacher, I have two teaching portfolios to put together, one for the state and one for my school. I submitted my portfolio to the state at the beginning of the month and now I found out yesterday I passed! This relieved SO much stress and I am just so happy to have it behind me! I’ve been working on my portfolio for my university in all my free time, but I don’t have much! I am working hard and just trying to continue checking items off my to do list!

Back to Charleston!

I headed home to Charleston a couple of times this month which I wasn’t expecting to do. However, after submitting my big project drove home to spend time with family, work on blog content, and relax. It was the perfect weekend and exactly what I needed. I also headed home this past weekend because my laptop officially died last week. Unfortunately, there was no fixing it this time. I’m so grateful that my parents got me a new laptop as a graduation gift so I’m back to work which means the blog content is back as well! I’m not promising any specific posting schedule until I am done with student teaching. But my goal is to publish something every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday.

When I wasn’t at home for the weekends, I tried my best to plan some fun activities here on campus. I attended several football games with some sweet friends on campus and had so much fun tailgating and soaking up my last few game days as a student. I also invited some friends over for a little charcuterie board night and it was so much fun! Definitely something I want to do again before graduation!

My First Concert!

And the highlight of my month was probably attending my first concert. My mom and I saw the Jonas Brothers in concert in Charlotte and it truly was a perfect night. I had so much fun and now I completely understand the hype around concerts. I’m dying to go to another one! Since the concert was in the middle of the week, I took a personal day so I could spend time with my mom while she was in town and just have some fun. Taking this day was much needed and the perfect refresh to continue on with my student teaching experience. My mom and I spent the day in Greenville and had the best time shopping, getting lunch, and having some girl talk. I love having my mom come stay with me at school.

What I’m Loving:

Olive and June Slumber Party Set: My feet are always so dry, especially during the fall and winter. I have never been able to find something that leaves my feet feeling moisturized until now. The Olive and June Slumber Party set is a 12 out of 10 from me. The heel balm is seriously so incredible and is the perfect product to apply after a pedicure or a long day on your feet. I love that the slumber party set comes with a pair of socks, these socks are SO cozy and perfect for when you get home on a chilly day. This set is worth every single penny and I will continue to repurchase the heel balm because I never want to go without it!

Fabletics: This summer I joined the Fabletics ambassador program and it has been so much fun. I truly have loved every single set I have received! If you are looking for a good brand to purchase high quality athletic wear from at an affordable price I cannot recommend Fabletics enough. I could not be more pleased with all of my pieces!

Dress Up Start Denim Jacket: I purchased this denim jacket at the end of September and it was such an impulse buy. However, I have already worn it so much for so many different occasions! I think it looks so cute for game day but I have also dressed it up to wear with a t-shirt dress for teaching. It is a little expensive for Dress Up however, it is worth every penny! I will apologize now, you will be seeing it again and again from me!

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