Looking back, this month has been the perfect mix of fun and having time to relax. I mentioned in a past blog post that I don’t like the month of September but this month has been pretty good! The semester with Jadelynn Brooke started and they sent over our first rep boxes and I am so so grateful to have this oppertunity again! Jadelynn Brooke has been such a special part of my life the past five semesters and I am so excited to start semester number six! This month my mom also came to visit me for parents weekend! My dad had to work so my mom and I turned it into a girls weekend and shopped the Lilly for Target collaboration and spent the day in Charlotte! We had the best time! It was just the weekend that I needed! I have spent the rest of my month getting homework done, writing hundreds of lesson plans (future teacher problems) and doing my best at maintaing the blog! I am having so much fun planning fall content for you and I cannot wait to be able to publish it all!

My Favorite Blog Posts of September

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My September Favorites

Tatum Cardigan

I don’t know about you, but no matter where I go on my campus every building is freezing. I pretty much always have a cardigan or denim jacket with me and this Tatum Cardigan from Lilly has been my favorite! I love the fringe detail and y’all the quality of this is unlike anything else in my closet! I can guarentee you that I will be buying this in many other colors!

Earring Backs

We all know how much I love statement earrings and this month I finally got my hands on these MagicBax earring backs and they have changed my life! They are expensive but they are worth every penny. Your ears will thank you!

“Mauve Over” Nail Polish

This is the best formula of nail poilish ever and it is cheap! I pulled this color back at because I think it is a perfect fall color and I forgot how much I love it! If you are looking for a good nail polish that lasts 2 weeks and you don’t want to break the bank I cannot reccomend this one enough! I have multiple colors and they are all the same amazing quality!

Leopard Belt

I have said it a million times but I love leopard print this year! I picked this belt up this summer and I am so glad I did because I have worn it so many times and I love the fun pop it gives to every outfit! (and it was less than $15 which is a win!)

Blue Light Protection Glasses

If you missed out on my blog post last Wednesday, you wouldn’t know how much I have been loving my Pixel Eyewear blue light protection glasses. These have made the biggest difference in my day to day life and I am honestly shocked because I didn’t really know what to expect. I fully understand the hype around these glasses and I don’t think I could live without a pair!

Thank you so much for reading today! Have the best start to your October!

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