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January 20, 2021

For those of you who do not know, I have a younger sister and although we are very close we could not be more different. Payton has been asking me to let her pick out my outfits for a blog post for quite some time now. While I was home for winter break we shot these outfits and I am so excited for you all to finally see them! My sister’s style is much different than mine and she definitely made me step out of my comfort zone with some of the pieces. In Payton’s words, her style is very eclectic but she still tries to keep it classic. As I talked to her to write this post she said she doesn’t follow trends, “she just wears what speaks to her”. Since I am wearing a lot of my sister’s clothing for this post not everything is still available. I did my best to find similar links to everything for you though!

Dresses & Denim

This first outfit was one that is very similar to outfits I have put together in the past. I love a good t-shirt dress and we all know that I am always reaching for a denim jacket in the fall. I really like the fit and wash of this denim jacket (so I will probably be stealing this from my sister in the future ;)). This is a comfy outfit and one that I will continue to wear without my sister picking it out.

T-Shirt Dress | Denim Jacket | Platform Converse | Felt Hat

Keeping it Classic

Out of all of the outfits, this was the one I felt the most comfortable in and one that I would pick out myself. My sister wanted me to wear black shorts with this outfit but I didn’t have shorts with me while I was home for break. This outfit is one that I have put together with other sweaters in the past. I would probably wear booties instead of Converse but I think the Converse were super cute as well! If you are a frequent reader of the blog, you would know that I love statement earrings. My sister wears the smallest earrings so that is probably the only thing I would change to this outfit. If I had to “rank” this look it would probably be a 9/10.

Blue Sweater (Similar) | Black Skort | Converse

Breaking Out the Basics

This next outfit was probably one of my favorite. I am always stealing this top from my sister when I am home so I wasn’t surprised when she had me wear it for this shoot. She styled it with black high waisted jeans and the same oversized denim jacket. This is an outfit I probably would never put together myself but I thought it was cute. I also wore the same platform Converse and they are so comfortable! Overall I would give this outfit an 8/10. I liked all the pieces but I am not sure if I would style them all together this way if I were to put it together myself. Lots of adorable basics in this outfit that can be styling an unlimited number of ways.

Pink Tank (Similar) | Black Jeans | Denim Jacket | Converse

Breaking out the Bomber Jacket

This outfit was probably the most out of my comfort zone but I didn’t hate it. Would I wear it out for a regular day, probably not. But it was fun to wear for the photos. This bomber jacket is probably one of my sisters favorite pieces in her closet right now and she had me wear it with a basic white tee, high waisted black jeans, and platform Converse. I would give this outfit an 8/10. Like I said, I really liked the outfit but it’s one that I probably wouldn’t put together myself.

Bomber Jacket | White T-Shirt | Black Jeans | Converse

Re-Styling a Summer Favorite

And for our fifth and final outfit, my sister picked out a chambray jumpsuit with a chunky white sweater layered on top. This outfit was probably my least favorite because of the way it fit me. My sister and I are not the same size, so this jumpsuit was very short on me and a little snug. I think I would have liked the outfit more if the jumpsuit actually fit me. And of course, I wore the same platform Converse because if anyone knows anything about my sister, you would know she wears these shoes with just about any outfit. Overall, I would say this outfit was a 5/10 but had potential. I just wasn’t a fan of the fit.

Sweater (Similar) | Chambray Jumpsuit (Similar) | Converse

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