For all of you who follow me over on Instagram would know that my blog best friend, Mckenzie (aka Styled by Mckenz) came to visit this past week. Mckenzie and I have been friends for four years without ever meeting in person. We have been talking about planning a trip to meet up for quite some time now and it finally worked out this past week. We had the absolute best time and I am already so excited to go visit her next in Maryland and Kent!

I am sure most of you are already following Mckenzie! But if you aren’t, make sure to check out her blog and Instagram.

I know that traveling during a pandemic is risky. Mckenzie and I took every precaution that we could to keep ourselves and those around us safe. We always wore masks, constantly were washing our hands, and avoided big crowds or other people every chance we could.


I picked McKenzie up from the airport Saturday evening and had a lowkey night at home. We had dinner with my family and then my dad made a bonfire in the backyard. We made smores and spent the night talking and catching up.


Sunday we headed out for a beach day. My favorite beach in Charleston is Sullivan’s island because it is always much quieter than the other popular beaches. The beach was pretty empty and we never came in contact with other people. We stopped to get some Cookout cajun fries and cheese bites on our way home for a late lunch before showering. My sister loves to cook so she made homemade Mac & Cheese for dinner. After dinner we went down to a dock a couple miles from my house to take some blog photos together.


We spent Monday morning working on blog content and editing photos before starting our day. McKenzie needed some photos for a bikini collaboration she has so we headed back to the dock. We both shot some looks before coming back home to get ready for a bigger photoshoot. We went downtown to College of Charleston to each shoot 3 looks. Once we finised the photos we went to Waterfront Park which is underneath the Ravenel Bridge. We took some more photos here and just enjoyed the view. On our way home we stopped at Cookout again to get some milkshakes to end the night off (mint oreo is my favorite).


Tuesday morning we were up bright and early because we had a photoshoot with Paige Jordan who is a photographer in Charleston. I shot with Paige a couple weeks ago and loved how the photos turned out so McKenzie and I wanted to book another one to get some photos together. At the time I am writing this, I haven’t seen the photos yet but I cannot wait to see how they turned out! Definitely check out my Instagram and McKenzie’s Instagram to see the photos! After our shoot with Paige we headed home to change before going back downtown with McKenzie’s roommate for next year. She only lives two hours away from me so she drove down to Charleston for the day. We shopped, ate lunch at the Vendu (one of my favorite places for appetizers), and McKenzie and her roommate were able to catch up! We had a lot of fun shopping and walking around the city. By the time we got back home McKenzie and I were so tired so we ordered some pizza and hung out at my house.


McKenzie and I were so tired so we slept in a little before getting ready for another photoshoot downtown. We shot multiple outfits of each other around the houses near the battery. We also walked down Rainbow Row to get some photos in front of the colorful houses. After we finished our photos we came back home to grab lunch, change and edit the photos. We had some blog work to get down so we got busy so we could have some fun later in the evening. To spend McKenzie’s last night we picked up Cookout cajun fries and cheese bites because they quickly became McKenzie’s favorite too. Once we got our food to-go and ate it on the beach while watching the sunset. We had the best time listening to music and enjoying the gorgeous sunset up until the tide came right up to our towel. We drove home and McKenzie did a great job controlling the AUX ;).


Unfortunatly, Thursday was our last day together. But we made the most of all of our time. My sister made breakfast and we took the morning slow. Then we headed to Tanger Outlets because McKenzie had a collaboration with them. We had so much fun shopping! I have to say that Tanger is taking every precaution to keep their shoppers and employees safe. Every store had hand sanitizer upon entry, everyone wore masks, many fitting rooms were closed, and only a certain ammount of people could enter each store. We grabbed some lunch at Panera Bread before dropping Mckenzie off at the airport.

We truly had the best week and I am so grateful to have made such a great friend through social media and my blog! Showing McKenzie around Charleston was so much fun! I cannot wait to go visit Mckenzie in Maryland and Kent as soon as possible! Thank you again to McKenzie for coming! This trip was truly the highlight of the summer, so many fun memories were made and I am already looking forward to when we are reunited again! If you are visiting Charleston soon be sure to check out my Guide to Charleston where I share all of my favorite spots in the city!

If you want to see more of our trip make sure you check out McKenzie’s YouTube Channel because she vlogged the entire trip! I will be sharing more of these photos on the blog in the next couple of weeks so if you have any questions about our outfits be sure to subscribe to the blog. Feel free to send me a message if you want a link to anything you see in this post though!

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  1. SOOO happy we were finally able to make this trip happen! Had a ablast and cannot thank you guys enough for such an awesome week away! can’t wait for the next one xoxo

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