Last week I shared the best basics that every girl needs in her closet and it got me thinking about the pieces in my closet that are on a constant rotation. I am sharing all of my most worn pieces in my closet, everything from my favorite basics, holy grail items, and my go to accessories. If you read the blog frequently many of these pieces will look familiar to you because they are items I wear on a weekly basis and love to style on the blog. Luckily almost all of the items I am sharing are still in stock and are pieces that are always getting restocked so you will be able to shop everything I love! For the handful of pieces that are currently unavailable I did link very similar items that are just as cute if not cuter!

To better show all of the items, I also put together a YouTube video to showcase each piece and include footage of me wearing the items. Be sure to watch the video and subscribe to my channel to see each piece and hear about why I love each of them. In this post, I rounded up tons of photos of me wearing these pieces to share different ways each piece can be styled to give you some outfit inspiration. I have included a wide variety of items and what I love about each piece is that for the most part they can all be styled for almost every season! We are all itching for spring and a lot of these pieces are perfect for making the transition out of winter and into spring. Be sure to subscribe to my channel so you never miss a video!

J.Crew Factory High Waisted Jeans

I know that skinny jeans are a controversial topic right now but personally, skinny jeans are my favorite. This pair of 10″ highest rise button fly jeans from J.Crew Factory are my absolute favorite. I have these in two colors now and they are the only pair of jeans I reach for 90% of the time. I have never been one to love wearing jeans because I just never found the perfect pair. But, this is that perfect pair. They are so soft and fit perfectly.

I also love just how comfortable they are, half the time I honestly forget I am even wearing jeans. I pair these jeans with everything from sweaters, bodysuits, crop tops, and even just a simple tee. They hit right above my belly button and I think the button fly detail is so cute. However, if the button fly look isn’t for you, the same style is also available without the button fly! These jeans are available in several color and wash options as well! I honestly don’t I will try another brand of jeans for quite some time!

White Off-the-Shoulder Top

I cannot wait for the weather to warm up so I can break this top out again! This off-the-shoulder top was hands down one of my most worn pieces last summer and I know it will be one of my most worn tops again this spring and summer. I wore this top with absolutely everything, jeans, shorts, skirts, skorts, you name it! The fabric is so soft and I love the detail on the sleeves! I love the off the shoulder trend, I just think it is so flattering but some off-the-shoulder pieces can make it nearly impossible to move your arms.

In my opinion, Lilly Pulitzer does off-the-shoulder best. I never have a problem moving my arms and the sleeves never slide up or down on me wither. The elastic used keeps everything where it is supposed to be even while raising your hand. I’m not sure how they managed to do it but they did. The best part is that this top was re-released this season and I couldn’t be happier! It is available in white, like I am wearing, and it is also available in a gorgeous periwinkle color!

White Bodysuits

I wear a lot of white tops and my go to top for any day of any season is a white bodysuit. These bodysuits are truly my favorites, I reach for them on a daily basis. I think a white bodysuit is a closet staple and I would even say a long sleeve and a tank top style bodysuit are essential! I have linked several styles that you cannot go wrong with and each style can be worn throughout almost every season. Bodysuits can be paired with almost any pair of jeans, pants, skirts, and even skorts. My personal favorites are ones with the snap closure which makes putting them on and going to the bathroom so much easier.

Lace Bralettes

I have shared these lace bralettes in some of my favorite posts in the past and I am sharing them again. I love the style and I think they look so cute with an open back top. These bralettes are so comfortable and I love that each strap can be adjusted. I have multiple different colors and wear them on a daily basis and they have held up great over the years!

Denim Shorts

Spring and summer are coming, even if it feels like winter is never ending right now. I cannot wait to break out these denim shorts again. They were my all time favorite last summer and on constant repeat in my closet. They are a 3.5 inch inseam which is my favorite length and such a comfortable pair of shorts. Target has definitely stepped up their game in the past year when it comes to clothing in my opinion and these shorts are a must have! They do have some distressing but they also easily roll up which can be annoying. I fix this by simply using my flat iron to straighten them before I put them on and it works perfectly!


As a college student and a future teacher I reach for a cardigan frequently. I rarely leave the house without one because I seem to always be cold. My favorite cardigan’s are from Lilly Pulitzer and they are worth every single penny. I have two and they have both held up beautifully over the years, they still look brand new. They are available in a couple styles and colors but each one is so classic and can be paired with hundreds of different outfits.

Fashion Belt

The “fashion belt” trend has been huge this past year and I have to say, I have loved it. I could honestly care less about the look-a-like Gucci logo, I just personally like the pop of color and functionality it adds to an outfit. Some outfits just need the extra accessory and other pants just need a belt so not only is it cute but it is a functional piece. Over the past year my belt collection grew exponentially and I cannot say I am mad about it.

Silk Cami

These silk camis are seriously so so good. I wear them year round for everything from observations, going to class, girls night out, family dinners, and more. These silk camis are by far one of the top most worn items in my closet right now. My favorite is the scallop cami from J.Crew factory which you all have seen me style so many times on the blog. However, I am also sharing some of my other favorites that are on constant rotation in my closet.


I cannot forget about athleisure because I live in leggings and a sweatshirt during the winter. Lilly Pulitzer is one of my favorite brands and I am sure you all already know that after reading this blog post. I’ve said it before and I’ll continue to say it, Lilly does leggings best. These leggings suck you in in all the right places and don’t fall down, even while you are working out. I love that they have a pocket on the side and I also love that they are high waisted. Lilly has a variety of different styles and print/color options as well!

Felt Hats

Felt hats have become my favorite and most worn accessory this past year and the collection keeps growing. I have multiple colors and I think between the three colors I have, they are perfect for just about any season. Of course, felt hats were all the rage in the fall but I think they also will look so cute with a cute floral dress for this upcoming spring! If you don’t already have one and are looking to purchase one, I would recommend sticking with a neutral color so it goes with everything. However, there are some really fun colors available as well!

Gold Hoops

Absolutely no one is surprised that I included this pair of gold hoops in this post. They are hands down my most worn pair of earrings and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. They are the perfect size and I love that they are a matte gold finish. These earrings work to wear with a mask which makes life these days a little easier as well! They are very lightweight and even after having them for at least two years, they still look brand new!

White Sweater

This white sweater is one of my favorite fall and winter pieces, I am constantly wearing it! If I could only keep one of my sweaters, this would be the one I would keep without a question. It is a perfect and classic style and I love that it actually helps keep me warm! Everyone needs a white sweater in their closet because the options to style it are limitless! This sweater is unfortunately from two years ago and they didn’t bring the exact style back which makes me so sad. However, I did find several other very similar sweaters to link for you all!


I have talked a lot about headbands recently but I am just loving them! They cover any bad hair day and when you desperately need to wash your hair. I think they can add such a cute pop of print or color to an outfit and the headbands I linked are very comfortable as well! I have been wearing a lot of headbands recently and I love that they don’t interfere with wearing a mask like some fun statement earrings can do.

Collete Skorts

I am so ready for the weather to warm back up because I want to wear my favorite skorts again. Over the past year, I completely fell in love with skorts again and this style in particular is the best. I love the fun prints and colors that Lilly Pulitzer offers but the fit and quality is truly unmatched as well. They are a great length and still appropriate for a setting where you need to look more professional but can also be styled for a night out with your girlfriends or a date night as well. The built in shorts are a great added bonus as well!

Denim Jackets

I love a good denim jacket and they are perfect for transitioning to new seasons because they are the perfect added layer. I also love how many different colors, wash’s, and styles there are right now to pick from. The options are truly endless and a denim jacket can be styled with almost any outfit in almost any style. They are so versatile and can easily dress down an outfit or can be dressed up.

Strapless Romper

As I was going through my closet and saw these strapless rompers I had to include them because I wear them enough in the spring and summer for them to make the cut of my most worn items in my closet. I literally live in these strapless rompers and I am keeping my fingers crossed that some new prints get released in similar styles this year. This romper can be worn as a swimsuit cover up, out for a date, and everything in between. This style truly is a closet basic and a perfect summer piece for almost any climate!

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