This outfit is one of my all time favorites because it has so many of my favorite pieces in it! This would be a perfect outfit for going out to dinner, a girls night out, or any event you want to look a little more dressy but also stay super comfterable!

These wedges are my all time favorites. They are so comfterable! I have worn them multiple times and I never had any problems with my feet hurting! (I did get blisters the first time but I just put band-aids on my feet and had no problems after that!) I haven’t had any problems walking down the cobblestone streets of Charleston either! These wedges come in multiple colors as well! Personally, I love the beige because they will go with pretty much any outfit but the navy is so so pretty as well!

As for my outfit, I wore this Bowen Halter top from Lilly Pulitzer. This print isn’t available anymore but they do still have it in other prints! I love how light this top is and the neckline is super flattering as well! I have had these white jeans for the longest time and I think it is about time to get a new pair but these ones are still getting the job done!

These gold Lilly hoop earrings have been my FAVORITE this summer! I have worn them constnatly and I am so so sad that they are no longer on the website! I linked a similar pairs here and here for you but I am telling you if these earrings ever come back you will need to get your hands on them ASAP! I love that they come with removeable charms so you are pretty much getting three pairs of earrings in one!


Thank you so much for reading today’s blog post! I had so much fun walking down the streets of Charleston to shoot this summer outfit! If there are any specific blog posts you want to see this summer please send them my way!

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