It feels so good to sit down and write another Sunday Social Blog Post! It has been too long since I have put one together but this week is a great week to start back up because so much has happened! I attended my first “real” concert and it was incredible, my mom was in town, and I put together such a fun charcuterie board to celebrate the weekend.


I stayed on campus this weekend for the first time in a month so it did feel good to not have to drive back to campus today. I slept in but then hit the ground running with checking things off of my to do list. I needed to run some errands and then prep for all of my lessons this week. For those of you who don’t know, I am student teaching this semester so I have been spending almost all of my time lesson planning. I loved this outfit that I put together, perfect for transitioning to fall!


I had a full day of student teaching today. I did the majority of my lesson prep for the week on Sunday so luckily I was able to come back to my apartment and relax. I had such an exciting week planned so I wanted to have some time to clean my room and get ready for my mom to come into town.


I headed back in for another day of student teaching but I left a little early to head to Charlotte for the concert. My mom came into town and it was so so nice to see her! Before the concert we got some dinner and then headed to the venue. We went to the Jonas Brother’s concert and let me just say, it was one of the best days of my life. The show was incredible and I am already dying to go back to another show! It was a late night so we headed back to my apartment and crashed.


My mom spent the night with me in my apartment. I took a personal day from my student teaching placement and it was much needed. My mom and I slept in and had such a slow morning. It was exactly what we needed after a late night. Taking this personal day was exactly what I needed. We headed to Greenville for some shopping and lunch and it was so fun! I love Greenville and I am trying to go as much as I can before graduation! We ended the day by watching the Jonas Brothers documentary in bed.

Two Piece Set | Denim Jacket | Sneakers


My mom left early in the morning before I had to be at school for student teaching. Once she left I ended into school for another full day. Luckily it was a short week for me so I can’t complain! I headed back to the apartment to prepare for teaching tomorrow and having a night in.


I had a busy day in my student teaching placement but the semester is flying by. I cannot believe I just finished my fifth full week of teaching. I headed home and had the most relaxing evening. I had the whole apartment to myself so I took advantage of it. I watched some TV, scrolled on TikTok for way to long, and I did get all my assignments turned in that were due. I went to bed early but it felt so good to not have to set an alarm.


I had such a slow morning and it was perfect. My school is on Fall Break but since I am student teaching I couldn’t go home for it. I decided to head to the grocery store to pick up some food to make a charcuterie board for dinner and get caught up on cleaning the apartment + working on new blog content! I spent some time reorganizing my apartment because I had my mom bring all my fall clothing to school. Now that the semester is halfway over I desperately needed to do some organizing!

This Week on Gracefully Gingham

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