Happy Sunday! I cannot believe it has been an entire week since I last sat down to write a blog post. My summer posting schedule has been so out of control and I apologize! I’ve been busy and I’m currently feeling so inspired to create content which is making me so happy, it has been quite some time since I’ve felt this way! I’m also so happy you all are loving my little “rebrand” of my Sunday blog post! The Sunday Social volume 2 is here with lots of cute outfit ideas, some amazing new products, and a little recap of what I’ve been up to!

This Weeks Outfits

What I’ve Been Up To

I had quite a few days off this week and I wish I could say I took advantage of them to get blog content done but I did the opposite. The weather has been terrible in Charleston and with all the rain and humidity, it hasn’t been ideal weather for shooting new content. During my days off, I watched a lot of Friends, worked on the hardest puzzle ever, and did some shopping.

I was able to shoot with my Mom on Friday and I am so excited to edit all the photos so I can start sharing them with you. I think you will all love the outfits that I put together! I’ve worked everyday this weekend and its been so busy in the store! I love getting out of the house and being downtown for work!

This Weeks Favorites

As I already mentioned, I have done some shopping this week and I love the pieces that I have picked up. I have been looking for white sneakers for a couple weeks now but never seriously looked for a pair. However, my sister and I headed to the outlets this week and I found this pair from Nike and I loved them! I am so excited to style them, especially since they can easily be dressed up or dressed down!

I have been in the very dangerous mood for wanting to spending money. Retail therapy is real, right? After work last night I was doing some online shopping and found this adorable star denim skirt on sale for $20! Such a steal and this piece will be adorable for the 4th of July this summer! This skirt is also an additional 25% off because it is apart of the LiktoKnow.it day sale! Shop through my profile on the LTK app to receive the discount!

This Week on Gracefully Gingham

The Sunday Social Volume 1

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