Two years ago yesterday was my high school graduation and seeing all the memories pop up in my feeds made me do a lot of reflecting. I cannot believe it has already been two years but at the same time it feels like high school was a lifetime ago! I decided to go to a college out of state and I did not know anyone. At the time it was a scary descion to make but it was the best descion that I ever made. If I could I would go back and tell that girl so much of what I have learned. However, I can’t do that but I know there are so many rising freshman so I rounded up what I wish I knew before my freshman year of college for you!

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This is my advice based on my experience, however every school and every person is different. So my biggest piece of advice for you is to have an open mind and don’t compare yourself or your experiences to anyone else! Everyone is different and everyones “chapter 6” will look different. You aren’t doing anything wrong if someone else seems to be “doing better” than you.

You really do get to “Start Fresh”. I went to a school where I did not know anyone and walking into orientation was a little terrifying. However, in that moment I got to start fresh. No drama or stereotypes from high school followed me. No one knew my siblings or who I was. This was scary but it was so nice to completely start fresh. Even if you go to a school where you know people I truly think you still have this same opportunity to start fresh. You get to start a new chapter once you get to college and it is such a great feeling!

You probably won’t meet your bridesmaids right away. I see in so much content related to college a ton of girls talking about how freshman year of college you will make your best friends right away and these will be your girls for life. I felt like everyone told me the summer going into freshman year that I was about to meet “my people.” Yes, some people do meet their best friends right away but I am here to tell you that it is okay if you don’t. I didn’t meet my best friends until the end of freshman year and we really didn’t get all that close until the middle of Sophomore year. You’re going to be okay, if you don’t make best friends right away. Just go out and have fun, you will meet your people when the time is right! (And trust me, it will be worth the wait)

You should say yes as much as you can. One of my biggest pieces of advice is to say yes when people ask you to hang out, go grab a meal in the caf, sit together at a game, etc. Obviously, use your judgment and don’t do anything you are not comfortable with. You’re not going to meet new people if you are constantly sitting in your dorm room alone. Go out and have fun! Some of my favorite memories are the ones when I was just being spontaneous with my friends.

Your grades don’t matter as much as you think they do. This is proabably going to be a controversial point to make but I think it is so true. Yes, I do take my grades seriously and I probably care about my GPA more than I should. I am not saying you should just blow off your grades and go party at all. What I am saying is that you should not beat yourself up over your grades. At the end of the day, they are just a number. You are in school to get an education but it’s also important to have fun!

Time management is key! Like I said earlier, it is important to have fun in college, this is a short four years of your life but you cannot just blow off the school aspect of college (especially since that is the whole reason we are there). The key to balancing everything is good time management. Work hard so you can play hard. And sometimes you’re going to have to stay in so you can finish work but just remember everyone is going to have to say no at one time. FOMO sucks which always keeps me motivated to get all my work done so I can hang out with friends.

It’s okay to take time for you. The social aspect is a big part of college and no matter where you live you will probably have roommates. Whether you’re in a dorm sharing a room or sharing an apartment with multiple people. Sometimes it can be hard to get alone time but it is so important to find some! Recharging yourself is so important! It is okay to spend time by yourself when you need to or when you want to. Even though you might not think you will want to have some “me time” now, trust me, you will and you will enjoy every second you can get!

Living in a dorm is not as bad as you think. I am probably in the minority when I say this but I really liked living in a dorm, especially this past year. Living across the hall from your best friends is the best for all those moments where you just need a hug or when you just want to laugh with your best friends. I also was so lucky that my dorm was close to everything on campus and being able to run to my room in between classes and only being a few hundred feet away from the cafeteria was so convienent! Enjoy all these perks of living in a dorm while you have them!

Your college experience will be as good as you make it. You are in control of your college experience. Step out of your comfort zone, try new things, and have fun. College opens up a lot of freedom for you and gain a whole new independence in your life. It is up to you to get everything done and it is up to you to make the most out of your experience. Get out of your dorm and be the person to introduce yourself first. Everyone is in your position and everyone is trying to meet people. You are in control of your college experience so make the most of it!

I hope you were able to find some helpful advice from this post. I read so many blog posts before my freshman year of college and they helped me to go into this new chapter with an open mind. I hope that this post and my future content can do the same for you. If there is any other specific college related content that you want me talk about this summer send your topics my way! I would love to help you in any way that I can!

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