Last week I shared all of my college dorm room essentials that I loved having in my dorm. Since y’all liked that post and found it helpful I rounded up what you do not need to bring to college with you. I will be honest and say that this post was hard to put together because every single person is different. For this post I tried to include the items that everyone says you need that I personally didn’t find necessary. If I included something in this post that you want to bring to college, bring it because you could end up using it alot!

Dorm Decor | Dorm Essentials and what you do not need in your dorm

When packing to move in remember that your dorm is going to be small. Avoid brining big pieces of furniture (couches/futons) because the more stuff you put into your room the smaller it will become. I reccomend on waiting until you’ve seen your room before you buy big pieces to make sure you have space for the extra furniture.

I also cannot reccomend talking with your roommate/s before move-in to divide what you need. This way you don’t show up on move-in day with two fridges and no microwave. This is also a great way to save money and stick to the basics! I also cannot stress enough that you do not need a duplicate of everything. I always stock up on basics at the beginning of the year but if you know you won’t go through 4 bottles of shampoo and conditioner during the first semester don’t bring them. You will go grocery shopping more than you think you will while you are at school so it isn’t completely necessary to constantly store a bunch of stuff in your dorm room.

After move-in you will quickly learn the items that you do not need to bring with you to college and the items that you will want to have. Do not stress about it too much because you will be able to send items home and purchase what you want!


My school offers free printing and I lived across the street from the library so I didn’t feel it was necessary purchase a printer. I didn’t mind having to walk over to the library and I saved a lot of money on ink and paper. If your school doesn’t offer free printing/you don’t live near the library this might be something to look into.

I didn’t have a TV in my dorm freshman or sophomore year. I only stream TV and movies from my laptop so I knew I wouldn’t need one. Some of myfriends who brought TVs and used them frequently. I think it boils down to whether you want to take the space up to keep one in your room. I don’t think they are necessary when almost anything can be streamed on a laptop. It was nice having a friend with a TV in their room for movie nights though.


I have alot of clothes and always pack more than I will ever need when I go to school. Part of my job depends on it which is a reason why I pack so much. However I have found it easiest to pack by season. So when I move in I bring summer and some fall clothing. When I go home for fall break/Thanksgiving I will bring back winter clothing, and when second semester rolls around I start brining clothes home. I would rather have my clothes “sit” at home during the off season rather than in my dorm.

You also do not need a ton of formal options. I would bring one or two just in case you are in a soroity, planning to rush, or if you know there will be some type of formal event. But you don’t need to bring full prom dresses or multiple options. Stick to the basics and you will be good!

I accumulated a lot of shoes while away at school but I don’t recommend bringing multiple pairs of the exact same shoe. You don’t need a variety of crazy heels. Stick to the basics and the shoes you know that you will wear frequently! Just like my clothes, I always wait to bring boots and winter shoes after fall break/Thanksgiving when I know I will need them.

In my college dorm room essentials post I talked about how much I loved my steamer. I will tell everyone to get a steamer rather than an iron and an ironing board. I think it’s important to have something to get wrinkles out of your clothes for when youu need to look professional. However, an iron and ironing board is just going to take up a lot of space. A travel sized steamer is a great option because you have it if necessary and takes up less space.


I spoke about both of these items briefly and good alternatives that I felt are essential. However, I also wanted to touch on it here. Personally, I prefered a collapsible laundry basket to a standard laundry basket because it takes up so much less space. I also felt like my collapsible laundry basket held more. I have also seen sourses reccomend you bring two laundry baskets with you to school and I couldn’t disagree more. In a dorm, less is more and there is no need for two. If you have one laundry basket you will be more likely to stay on top of your laundry each week.

I also preferred duffle bags to bulky luggage because a duffle bag is so much easier to store in your dorm. I had two medium sized duffle bags and never needed anything bigger. You probably won’t travel for longer than a long weekend which is what you typically get for breaks.

Hopefully you found this post helpful and this helped you to narrow down what you do not need to bring to college! Be on the lookout for some more college content throughout the rest of the summer! If there is anything specific you want to see or if you have any questions please send them my way! I want to create content that you want to read!

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