Where to find the best activewear

As a recent college graduate, I have purchased my fair share of activewear over the past four years. Throughout college I lived in my favorite leggings, tennis skorts, and zip ups because they were the comfiest options for heading to a long day of classes and walking all around campus. As I begin navigating postgrad life I have still found myself reaching for my favorite activewear pieces. As I begin navigating this new season of life and as we all kick off the new year, now is a great time to update some of the activewear pieces in your wardrobe. I am sharing some of my activewear favorites and where to find the best activewear on the market!

Where to Find the Best Activewear


In 2021, I began my monthly partnership with Fabletics and truly cannot believe I didn’t try this activewear before! I was blown away by the quality and the amazing prices. If you have seen me in a matching activewear set in the past six months I can guarantee it has been Fabletics. I also have been pleasantly surprised to love their outerwear and loungewear options. The quality is perfect for working out or working from home!

Lilly Pulitzer

I am not afraid of some fun color and prints which is why I love Lilly Pulitzer. Although pricey, Lilly Pulitzer pieces are the best quality and have so many fun bright colors and prints. The Lilly Pulitzer tennis skorts are by far my favorite. I’ve yet to find a style that fits better! I never have to worry about washing my Lilly activewear pieces because of their quality.

Addison Bay

Addison Bay is another high quality activewear brand with the cutest matching sets and so many fun colors. I also love that Addison Bay is a women created company and run by gals on the go. Addison Bay creates pieces that are perfect for heading to the gym but can also be worn on a daily basis. The versatility of these pieces are unmatched!


Amazon is a great option for finding dupes for some of the higher end activewear pieces you just can’t justify splurging on. I swear, Amazon has a dupe for everything. I recently came across one of my favorite tops from last summer available in so many colors, definitely a closet must have! Perfect for going to class, travel, and running around town! Pieces from Amazon may not last as long as other brands but most pieces are at a very affordable price point and you are given a wide variety of styles and options to choose from.

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  2. It’s a nice piece of information that you shared in the blog that throughout the college you wore your favorite activewear as they were comfortable for all day long classes and walking all around campus which indicates that comfort is most important. And you have given good Information about various brands & their quality and price and colors. Please keep posting.

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